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Sierra Ventana Community Project - U21 UNMDG Student Award 2011

Sierra Ventana Community Project - U21 UNMDG Student Award 2011

Adriana Valdez
Tecnológico de Monterrey, Mexico

Nutrition students and faculty members from Tecnológico de Monterrey started a social project in Sierra Ventana, a local, low income neighborhood in Monterrey, Mexico.

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My name is Adriana Valdez I am from Monterrey, Mexico. I graduated from Med School at Tecnológico de Monterrey in December 2010. During the first 6 semesters of my career, once a week, my class, Nutrition students and some faculty members attended Sierra Ventana, a local, low income neighborhood, where we started a social project. We began by getting to know the community by interviewing each of the approximately 2,000 families living there which really help us to get people´s trust. It was really fun getting to really know the people, but at the same time, it was shocking to see so closely the conditions in which they were living and the challenges they had to face daily.

Later on, with help from voluntary health promoters, one from each block of the neighborhood, who helped us link better with the community, the project really started to build up. We gave nursing and first aid courses, in which the people got really interested, started ophthalmologic campaigns in primary schools, increased promotion of child immunization, launched Tb and Cancer detection programs and campaigns to prevent smoking and drug use among teenagers.

It is in this kind of projects that we really commit with the UNMDGs even without realizing it at the moment. We got some amazing results which impacted MDG 4 Child Mortality, MDG 5 Maternal Health and MDG 6 Disease prevention and eradication. This initiative definitely changed my perspective of the world we live in and gave me the motivation and will to keep doing work like this. I really hope I can repeat this experience at some point and transmit this desire to students and health professionals all around the world.


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